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Website tools you will need

Addthis- visitors will have the best available option to share your site  depending on the available social media icons seen, because most visitors based on what is readily available


Shareaholic – same function as addthis it’s a share button you will be able to create different icons, based on your preferred designs. Icons based on your website need, like share buttons, social media icons, and more. Available free and paid plans.


Dropmylink- if your website is already prepared and ready for exposure, you need this site to be able to submit it


Linkmarket- same function with dropmylink


TheHoth- it’s a part of search engine optimization, they give advices and services for the type of website that you have. free to use for your website. To track the number of visitors as well as your website stats.


Statscounter- same as histats. This is free to use with paid hosting. They accept paid domain and paid hosting, to be able to use this feauture.


Ucraft- to manage your own design for logo creation based on your website title, your page category, or type of blog or page you have, free to use as well. Your Creativity will be discovered using ucraft, it’s for free and they also have website builder, wherein you can build your own site for free, with free trial, and plans as well. Visit their site for free


LogoCraft- almost the same as ucraft, they already have available categories with colorful icons, you just have to type the name of your business or page title, unleash your art creativity, simple and free to use as well


Managedflitter- is a very good source viewer for twitter dashboard, those who follow and unfollow you. Other features such as web analytics, tweet analytics, mail reports. Visit their site for free or sign up here for free ManagedFlitter

Disclaimer- are recommended specially those are for review blogs. It is a type of tool for website wherein it is specified clearly your purpose of creating your website, and how it becomes profitable. 

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